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To manage exceptions in Selenium scripts, developers and testers use the exception handling framework. The below represents the many types of Exceptions that we usually encounter while working with Selenium WebDriver. Join Selenium Training in Chennai to learn about the Various Types Of Selenium WebDriver Common Exceptions.

Exceptions of different types in Selenium WebDriver

Now, we’ll look into the different kinds of Exceptions we could see while working with Selenium WebDriver.

Though there are numerous WebDriver Exceptions in Selenium, the following are the most common WebDriver Exceptions seen while working with Selenium:

No Such Element Exception

This Exception occurs when the locators mentioned in the Selenium Program code cannot locate the web element on the web page. 

Element Not Visible Exception

This Exception occurs when the locators provided in the Selenium Program code attempt to discover a web element that is hidden and not visible on the page.

No Such Frame Exception

 An element is an HTML web page that is embedded into another HTML web page. To work with Web components on any iframe, we must first switch to the iframe in Selenium and then find the relevant web components within the iframe. Enrol Selenium Online Course to get information about HTML web pages.

No Alert Present Exception 

Alert is a type of pop-up that appears to give consumers critical information. To interact with Alert pop-ups, we must first switch to Alert and then do operations on Alert, such as reading the contents on the Alerts or accepting the Alert by pressing the ‘OK’ button on the Alert, and so on.

No Such Window Exception

We will primarily work with Browser Windows because Selenium exclusively automates Web Applications. A browser window is a square box in which a browser displays web pages. 

Session Not Found Exception

This Exception will be thrown if the driver attempts to execute operations on the Web Application after the Browser has been closed.

Invalid Selector Exception

Invalid Selector Exception WebDriver Exception arises when a selector is wrong or syntactically invalid and is a subclass of No Such Element Exception. This issue is frequently seen when the XPath locator is used.

Element Not Selectable Exception

This Exception belongs to the class Invalid Element State Exception. It indicates that the web element is present but cannot be selected on the web page.

Time Out Exception

An exception occurs when a command takes longer to finish than the wait period. Waits are usually used in WebDriver to avoid errors like Element Not Visible Exception.

The above Blog will educate about the Various Types Of Selenium WebDriver Common Exceptions. The management of exceptions is a vital component of any Java application or Selenium script. We can construct solid and optimal programming by smartly handling exceptions. Managing exceptions in a script is also a good idea, giving you a more complete report if a program fails. FITA Academy will guide you, how to complete the report without fail. Join Selenium Training in Bangalore to succeed in Selenium Web driver.

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