Know About Layout in .Net & How To Create It

The layout & sections in .Net help us to maintain the constant look for the web pages or the views in an application. The layout is one of the important factors that should be considered while designing a web page. Here we will look at how to create a layout view on a web page. Also, we will look at how to use renders on a web page. But before getting into that if you are interested in becoming a dot net developer then going for DOT NET Training in Bangalore will be more helpful.

The layout of a web page :

In most of the websites, a design includes a menu, header, footer, and also sidebars. If you are moving from one web page to another the contents that are on the web pages do not change. This helps the web page to give a loyal look to the customers and also to maintain it consistently.

How does a typical page in an application look?

A typical page in a web application contains 4 important factors. They are

  • Header.
  • Content
  • Left Navigation
  • Footer.

What is a layout page in ASP .NET?

The views in the ASP.Net are rendered where the view files are normally located at the folder views. If you are interested to know more in-depth about dot frameworks then taking a course on Dot Net by going to DOT NET Training Institutes in Bangalore will be very helpful.

For maintaining a neat and consistent look on a web page we need to add a header, footer, and navigation in the menu bar.

The layout in MVC helps us to define the common interface like header, footer, and navigation menu. Also, we can use them to design anywhere on a web page.

Layout Location on a Web Page :

The ASP.Net stores all the views inside the view folder. Each of the controllers gets a folder with the exact name of the controller but without the controller suffix in it. Finally, all the views are stored in the controller folder within it.

In the view folder, the views have been shared multiple times. Since the layouts are shared across the other views. By learning .net concepts in depth by enrolling in certification on DOT NET Course in Bangalore we can able to know more about how a layout works on a web page and that would be useful while we begin working as a dot developer in an I.T company.

How To Create a layout page?

  • Create a folder and name it as shared under the views folder.
  • Right-click the shared folder and Add view.
  • Rename the view name as layout.
  • Select the empty template.
  • Click on Add to create the views

Conclusion :

So in this blog, we have discussed layout concepts in dot net and how they work, and also how to create them. If you want to know more in-depth about it then enrolling in a certification course in Dot Net at FITA Academy which is recognized as one of the Best DOT NET Training Institutes in Bangalore will be useful.

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