The essay paper is one of the nine papers in the UPSC examination. This paper constitutes two essays, each essay should contain at least 1000-2000 words. Four topics will be given and one can be selected out of four. The total marks in the essay paper are 250 marks and one essay gets 125 marks respectively. For the UPSC preparation, one need not work out 10 years back UPSC previous years question papers. Try practicing for the last 3-4 years which would be sufficient. Let us follow some important steps to answer the essay paper.

Read the given topics:

One has to read the given topics thoroughly. This is an important step to be followed in this process. The candidate has to select one topic among the four. Before selecting the topic ensure that you have complete or most knowledge on the selected topic. So, choose it wisely. Among various websites, the IAS parliament current affairs provide current affairs for the UPSC which helps in the preparation process. 

Topics to avoid:

It is usually better to avoid any sensational topic or any controversial topic. Also one should not write on a passionate topic which can sometimes work against him. He or she will be too passionate and will forget to write a balanced essay. Give some time to think before choosing the right topic.  

Prepare the rough draft:

Once the topic is selected you should not start writing straight away. One should be prudent to think and collect the thoughts on this topic. When you start writing, it is good to write it with a pencil. One can follow this because they can write the points in the correct sequence. In general, one must first cover the historical events and important facts. If you forget to add these crucial points at the beginning then it might lead to a space crunch in the essay. Hence always write the rough points at the beginning so that you don’t forget to include the important points at the end. With all the rough points one can start writing the essay. 

Follow a good structure:

While writing follows a good structure. A good essay should follow these sequences, starting from introduction, covering historic events, and then focussing on the main problem. Then include current news, positive and negative impact and finally focus on the obstacles and the reforms.      

One needs to understand the way UPSC word its questions and also needs to be updated on the IAS daily current affairs. Follow these simple steps to write a good essay.  

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