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Why Should You Use Selenium To Automate Your Testing?

As more businesses move online, our web apps’ functionality and user experience become increasingly important in determining our company’s success. As a result, performing relevant automation testing on our web apps before releasing them to the market is a necessary. Selenium is a portable automation testing framework used to validate online applications, and it is one of the best browser automation suites that we can use for this purpose. It’s also open source and compatible with a variety of browsers and platforms. FITA Academy offers the best Selenium Training in Chennai to enhance your technical skills in automation testing selenium.

Automation Testing Selenium Has 10 Benefits for Developers and Testers

Developers benefit from Selenium in a number of ways:

01) Compatibility with all major programming languages

You don’t have to be concerned about the language to use while using Selenium testing. Many forms of testing software, including Selenium, support the basic languages C, C++, Java, and Python. Selenium also supports a wide range of languages, including Ruby, C#, Perl, and others. As a result, you may create your test scripts in any language you’re familiar with, and Selenium will quickly transform them to Selenium compatible code.

02) Compatibility with all main OS systems

Your customers do not have the same operating system as you. As a result, you’ll want to choose an automation testing framework that works on all operating platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The key to achieving this goal is Selenium’s portability. You can even develop test cases on Windows and run them on your Mac.

03) Multi-browser compatibility

“One Selenium script for all browsers” is the primary notion underlying Selenium. As a result, you won’t have to rewrite test scripts for each browser if you use Selenium automation. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and others work well with Selenium scripts. This saves a lot of time in your organization and is especially handy when testing across multiple browsers at the same time.

04) Simple to implement and manage

Automating test cases across several web applications, browsers, and operating systems is a tedious effort. Selenium provides a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to develop and run test scripts. Selenium commands are divided into several classes, making them easier to comprehend and implement. Tests run directly in browsers, and users can keep an eye on them while they’re running. Selenium’s reporting features are a big reason for its popularity in the QA community, as it allows testers to extract results and execute follow-up actions.

05) Plugins and addons aplenty

Selenium includes a large number of plugins and extensions for integrating with third-party bindings. They allow you to extend Selenium’s capability. Selenium, for example, can be connected with Appium and Selendriod via plugins. Furthermore, Selenium can be used in conjunction with continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) systems such as Jenkins and Eclipse, which greatly aid Agile development. To learn more about selenium automation tool, join FITA Academy for the best Selenium Online Training with career guidance.

06) Execution of parallel tests

Selenium Grid supports simultaneous testing on any number of devices or browsers, reducing testing effort and time. Because Lambda Test assists with cross-browser testing, it can run many test scripts in parallel as well as outside the cloud-grid.

07) A large community and a wealth of learning resources

Selenium has a large community because it is an open-source tool package. This group is always willing to assist developers and testers with automating web browser features and functions. You’ll also find a plethora of articles, videos, research papers, and other resources if you simply search for Selenium tutorials on the internet. You now have access to a fantastic free automation testing tool, as well as a wealth of information to help you understand how it works and more.


Selenium has a wide range of applications. It doesn’t completely eclipse any of the other test automation tools, especially if you have the funds to invest in them. Here in this blog we have discussed about selenium web browser automation. To learn more about Selenium automation, join FITA Academy for the best Selenium Training in Coimbatore with Placement Assistance.

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