Why do Developers Choose React Native?

Here, we shall discuss the React native project structure and how does React native work. This blog also helps you to understand why React native is getting so popular.

Each developer must have a better understanding of the development process. Specifically, understanding and avoiding React native app development mistakes can ruin the users’ experience and skills. Join FITA Academy for the best React Native Training in Chennai.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that creates native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It is based on React, a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, but instead of being aimed at browsers, it’s aimed at mobile platforms.

Why do Developers Choose React Native?

React Native Uses JavaScript:

JavaScript is one of the first languages that a developer learns. As a result, they have a striking resemblance to the subject matter. Because React Native heavily relies on JavaScript, the learning curve is greatly reduced.

Build Native Applications:

The developers work in JavaScript; they do not use the web view to render React Native components. The main reason you should use React Native, it renders native elements, allowing developers to use platform-specific features such as activity indicators, which give every platform a recognisable look. It is very unique.

Simple Installation Process:

The installation method must always be simple, with no complicated steps. The React Native framework can be installed using the Node Package Manager, which is extremely simple for JavaScript developers. Even if you do not understand JS, React Native will save you the trouble of downloading from the source. Enroll in React Native Online Course to get immense training with the help of industry experts.

Greater Productivity:

The productivity levels of developers are the key to building apps faster. While the dependability of JavaScript simplifies the process, it also includes a live reload feature and the ability to use any IDE or text editor of their choice.

Strong Community Backing:

React Native has grown in popularity since its initial release in 2015. Developers and businesses worldwide and from all industries have chosen React Native because of the numerous benefits.

The high demand creates a strong community working on adjusting React native benefits.


It is a cross-platform app development framework. Developers can use React Native to extend their skills to smart TVs, watches, Windows devices, and even VR headsets.

Some ReactJS challenges come with React Native app development. Challenges that seasoned developers have learned to accept and overcome.


Now you would have understood Why do Developers Choose React Native. So, to have a profound understanding of React native, you can join React Native Course in Bangalore and equip yourself with its benefits, features and core concepts.

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