Technologies which aid for the Cyber-security and Data security

The devices, websites, and databases are increasing in numbers in recent days which emphasize on security and enhanced user experience. Technologies like Android development, cloud technology, big data and IOT support for the security enhancements. As of Nokia MbIT 2018 report, the mobile data usage in India has risen to 144 percent to 2360 petabytes and it is said that 11-gigabyte usage per month per user for the 4G broadband. Let me discuss in detail about the Technologies which aid for the Cyber-security and Data security.

Internet usage and the mobile usage improve the global presence of the business and initiate the threats for the security of the data which has to be handled with the high-end technologies. Computer security, internet security, and the information security are equally focused to improve the security in multiple areas of the business world.

Android development and security measures

In Android P the crypto provider is removed to improve the security. The BC provider is duplicated by the AndroidOpenSSL and this will explicitly affect the applications with BC provider. The duplication of functionality pays way to the risks. So, the crypto provider is removed in the Android P.

The older OS version is the risk factor which exploits the hardware of the Android phones. The AVB in the Android oreo has cool features like the common footer format and rollback protection. The verified boot in the Android already prevents the devices and this is a reference to the verified boot. If the device works at older version then the rollback protection prevents the OS. Android Training provides the in-depth coverage about the latest concepts in the Android Development. The Pixel2 and Pixel 2XL protect the device and this new protection is recommended by the Google for all the Android device manufacturers.

The OEM Lock Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) protects the device if the device is stolen. The lock and unlock pattern of the phone are saved in the Replay protected memory block {RPMB}. The pixel devices from Android are upgraded with key attestation which strongly attests the IDs such as hardware identifiers. For the enterprise-managed devices, the encryption keys are now ejected from RAM which improves the security of the data. Protection of Android phones in various scenarios like when the device is boot-up, locked or unlocked, and when the OS is of the old version is inevitable for the business and personal usage.

Cloud technology and security measures

The question of security brings down the difference between the public cloud and the virtual private network. Data encryption in the cloud technology supports the data loss both at the rest and in transit. The roll based access control which is designed for the role assignment; role authorization and transaction authorization reinforce the security measures in a cloud-based environment.

It is the general opinion that the public clouds are designed for the volume and not for the security. The multiple deployment models in the private, public and hybrid cloud enhance the security. The data migration and data restoration services are important for the data security in a cloud environment. Virtualized intrusion detection, prevention systems, virtualized firewalls and virtualized systems security are the components which improve the security in the cloud technologies. The private and public cloud both are doubled up with the data centre security with the use of IAAS to improve the security measures.

Big Data and security measures

The information security or the data security is a vibrant topic for the online services. Encryption data is useless to the outsiders or hackers as it is understood only by the owner of the data. Encrypted data provides end to end security for the input and output of the information. The strong firewall is another big data security tool for the protection of a big volume of data. The strong filters also help to avoid the third parties or unknown data sources breaking the security. Controlling the data through the BI tools and the analytics tools also protect the data. Big Data Training helps the students to understand the practical usage of the big data technology.

IOT and security measures

The revolution of network-connected devices and the hacking tools demand the best security systems. Internet of things is applied to the small and big devices.

The challenges for the IoT devices

  1. The critical functionalities and easy to interrupt through cyber-attack
  2. There are thousands of identical devices and if one device is hacked then it replicates in other devices also,
  3. Any changes in the devices are deployed only within the embedded devices and can’t control through remote software.
  4. If the embedded devices are connected to the internet then it is important that it is protected by the security checks.
  5. Purchase the device from a reputed vendor because the security comes from the production of the devices.
  6. Use the devices in the private network and keep your password of the network safely.
  7. The IOT sensor detects the security and improves the security of the devices.

Why security intelligence is important for the future technologies?

Security intelligence systems use a mix of advanced technologies to tackle the security threats. The security intelligence should take in to account the log management, network visibility, SIEM analysis capabilities, data collection tools, and advanced threat detection tools. As hackers are inventing the next generation techniques to break the network it is important to improve the security measures. The old tools like DLP, SIEM are lacking in terms of visibility and scalability of the security measures in a challenging environment.

So, security intelligence is very much important for the future technologies to have a risk free environment. The evolution of technology brings so many changes which have to be measured with the security measures. The three levels of the cyber threat intelligence are tactical, operational and strategic. In relation to the brand and the technology different methods can be applied to obtain the threat intelligence. Effective security understands the infrastructure and the functionalities of the devices. IOT automation and business analytics are the emerging technologies which contribute to the security intelligence of the multiple devices and the businesses.

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