Skills Learned Through Online Jobs

Virtual assistants, translator, blogging, selling your products online, making youtube videos, web development, content writing, data entry, online tutoring, and share market investment are some of the jobs which can be done from home and earn money. Apart from money let me discuss in detail about what are the skills learned through online jobs? The knowledge that is derived from these sorts of jobs inculcates to start an independent business or to join job after the tenure of doing the online jobs.

Virtual assistant’s job

Virtual assistants do small tasks to the clients and the job requirement differs for different types of businesses. Some of the examples of the jobs in the virtual assistant job are data entry jobs, call center work, sales, and book keeper’s job. The administration skills and the industry knowledge help the individuals to take up any career in future.

Translator job

Knowing multiple languages is a big advantage in this hi-tech world. There are so many international businesses to utilize language skills. Working as a translator provokes language skills and learning skills. Learning German, French and Spanish help to get translator job in top MNC’s.

Blogging job

Blogging promotes the habit of learning about business and technology. Learning becomes the part of the job and this enhances the content writing. Earning through blogging is through AdSense and through the affiliate marketing.

Online product sales job

Selling the product through online is another good idea to utilize the skills and earn potential money. There are so many portals to sell the products through online like Amazon, eBay, and It is not possible to sell FMCG products but there is a wide range of opportunities like fabrics, jewels, and other logistics. The product is reviewed for the quality and they listed. One will receive the payment in five to seven days after a given order through online. By producing and selling own products one acquire the skills needed to design and market the product.

You-tube channel production job

Youtube channel is the best way to become famous if you have potential skills. The category or the subject you want to make should interest lots and lots of viewers. Youtube channel has a variety of options like cooking shows, the debate on politics, and reviews about cinemas. The earning potential depends upon the number of subscribers to your channel. The coverage of the video may be related to brand endorsements or the event coverage. Popularity is the main idea behind you-tube videos. The earning opportunities depend upon the popularity or number of subscribers to your channel. Producing youtube channel enhance the general knowledge and the creativity of individual which is very useful for marketing and digital marketing industry.

Web Development job

Web development is about coding and designing. There are lots of tutorials available online for learning the new concepts in the platform. There is a huge number of freelancers working as web developers. So learning PHP and other front-end technologies improve the earning potential of the web developers.

Content writing job

Research oriented and subject-oriented content is always on demand in the content writing industry. The fresh content attracts and improvises the traffic on any website. The content writers are paid through the PayPal account and there are so many websites like,,,, and where they provide the opportunity for online jobs. Content writers should have a good grasp of grammar, good writing style, and updated with the latest market trends in the digital marketing world. The skills learned from the content writing jobs include good communication skills, writing skills, market knowledge, and marketing knowledge.

Data Entry job

Data entry jobs required the typing skills and there are so many freelancing jobs for data entry jobs. For data entry job computer and the internet is mandatory to start the job. The typing speed increases by doing the data entry jobs.

Online tutor job

Taking private tuition and taking the tuition through online is one of the best ways to earn by working at home. Aspirants with good qualification can work from their own place and get a decent salary. The latest syllabus and understanding the different types of students psychology is the knowledge derived from using the online tutoring job.

Share market investment job

Share market investments are done through online with minimum investment and constant watch over the share market. Building a diversified portfolio and making timely changes help to earn income to the shareholder.

Skills Required for IT Jobs

The first question which cracks the mind of the college students after completing the engineering is how to enter into the software industry? Does the qualification with high marks is enough? Obviously, the first screening is with qualification but to travel till the end and get selected in the interview some specialized skills are needed. IT jobs are the highest paid jobs in the local job market and the global job market. To help the IT graduates to enter into the IT industry we virtually provide you an outlook of the top level jobs and the Skills Required for IT Jobs. Let us analyze the skills of the software profession in alignment with the experience. For the experienced professionals and fresher skills and the respective salary differ.

Software Architect skills

In the United Kingdom, the software architects are paid high whereas in the USA they are paid with a median income. The skills required for a software architect are understanding the application logic to know about the software development process, analyzing dependencies of the technologies, review the requirements, provide the estimates, provide the design, good communication skills, good management skills, and analytical skills. Software architects are the team coordinators and the technical leaders.

Data scientist skills

The job of the Data Scientist is to analyze the data, test the data, experiment the processes, formulas, solutions to the different business challenges. Data scientists are among the top five paying jobs and the large enterprises hire a data scientist to identify the problems and solutions. The subjects to be prepared before attending the data scientists interview are statistics, common metrics, cost functions, machine learning, and tool knowledge {R, python, mathematics, and weka}, a mathematical concept like eigenvectors, singular values, PCA, LDA, Gibs sampling, and information bottleneck etc.

DevOps Engineer skills

DevOps Engineer should have an understanding about the operating systems like Windows or Linux OS, fluency in web languages, continuous integration tools, and the problem-solving skills. The agile process and the tool for the software delivery give the in-depth knowledge of the DevOps.

Database administrator’s skills

The database administrators are responsible for the design, security, policies, and implementation of system processes for the database management. As per a report, the salary of a database administrator is $68,363 and there are many big companies with the vacancy of the database administrator like L and T and HCL technologies.

Java developer skills

The skills required for the Java developer is in-depth programming skills. The responsibilities of the Java programmer are the deployment, designing prototypes, testing prototypes, taking part in the software development and architecture. The knowledge of different programming languages like Perl, Python, and Java XML is an added advantage of the Java developer. To gain in-depth knowledge into the Java language it’s good to join the Java Training.  The renowned training institutes provide practical oriented training with the industry experts.

Android developer skills

Java knowledge, understanding of XML, Android SDK skills, android studio, APIS knowledge, database knowledge, and material design are the skills required for an Android developer.  Android development is the best option for those with programming skills and interested in mobile phones.

Skills required for the front-end developers

Web designers know the PHP programming and the front-end developers know the web designing and the customization of the themes available for the front end technologies. The knowledge of the HTML, CSS, javascript, and jquery are important for a front-end developer.

Dot net developer skills

The skills required for a dot net developer are the HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap, and javascript. The certification from MCSD is an added advantage for the dot net professional.

Quality analyst skills

There are so many testing tools in the market like selenium, katalon studio, UFT, test complete and Watir. The skills required for a quality analyst are Active listening, reading comprehension, monitoring, complex problem solving and critical thinking. Testing tools are differentiated as web application testing and desktop testing. Selenium is the popular tool used for the web application whereas RPA is about the web application and desktop application testing. Selenium Training provides in-depth knowledge into the web application testing.

Skills required for the system architect

System Architect is responsible for the functionality and security of the systems. The architectural alternatives available for the system architects are client or server or web model, operational or informational, flexibility and performance. The skills required for a system architect are the design of the system, assign quotas, think scalability, prototype heavy loads, and focus on the key components.

Tech jobs are the fascinating jobs with a large number of opportunities and high salary. Some of the designations where the salary is high in the software industry tend to be a software architect, DevOps engineers, java developer, mobile developer, front-end developer, dot net developer, and systems architect. The number of rounds in the interview determines how screwed your hiring process is. Technical skills can be listed as programming skills, project management skills, business intelligence or business analysis skills, security intelligence, designing skills, marketing skills, and writing skills. Software jobs demand both the soft skills and the hard skills. The suitable jobs for the experienced professional are a software architect, data scientist skills, DevOps engineer and database administrator. The suitable jobs for the fresher are Java development, Android development, front-end development, dot net developer, quality analyst, and system architect.

Tips before attending the interview

  1. Gain the knowledge about the company and the number of rounds in the interview. Motivate yourself with the expected questions and provide a clear answer to all the questions.
  2. Utilize the online resources available to explore the latest concept in the desired technology.
  3. Check the linked in profiles of the engineering team members and understand the different profiles in the company with the help of the linked in profiles.
  4. Know the different problem-solving approaches and work out them practically.
  5. Practice with mock interviews with the help of your friends or trainers.
  6. Practice the soft skills and the non-technical part also.

Mere knowledge or high mark will not make the interview process easy. The effort and constant practice shape the knowledge with the required skills. Knowledge is gained through the academic studies whereas the application of knowledge is gained only by regular practice or experience.