IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, which actually test the  English proficiency of an individual. English is required either to study or work abroad. IELTS is a standardized English test that certifies your knowledge in English. This exam is conducted specifically for Students who want to pursue Higher education or Work in Foreign countries. In many schools and places around the world where English is used, the IELTS exam credential will open doors to global academic and professional opportunities. The IELTS certification is recognized by over 9000 organizations around the world as evidence of English language skills.

Types of IELTS Test:

Academic Test:

This module is specially designed for students who wish to pursue their studies in foreign universities.

General Test:

This module is designed especially for people planning to immigrate to Canada, Australia, the United States, England, and other foreign countries. etc. However, the General IELTS Test is much easier than the academic test.

Reason for Choosing IELTS Test:

  • Proving your knowledge in English
  •  Careers in abroad
  •  Available in several countries

Advantages for Learning IELTS Test:

IELTS Certification helps you to enroll in an academy, organization and getting a visa from government agencies in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

  • It is a universally accepted examination.
  • IELTS acknowledges your proficiency in English which is very essential to work or study in foreign countries.

Importance of IELTS

The main importance of studying for the IELTS course is to obtain a band score. That band score helps us in immigrating to foreign countries easily.

IELTS exam develops our reading, writing, and listening skills.

Also, it improves our communication skills in English.

IELTS Certification in FITA:

IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore gives a great way towards your career and also you may get a certification in IELTS Coaching in Coimbatore. FITA provides the latest syllabus with regular practice and we provide valuable practice materials to the students.

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