Is PHP Front End or Backend

Is PHP Front End or Backend ???

 PHP is a platform for scripting on the back end. PHP scripts are coded to a server that runs to the frontend or backend frameworks. 

In the last few years, technologies like websites and apps have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, every business needs modern tools like a website to get the word out about its goods and services. 

As the need for building websites and apps grows quickly, developers look for easy-to-use languages to build websites and apps that meet customer needs well. There are many languages used in the development, but PHP is the best. 

PHP is a programming language that is easy to use and has grown in popularity over the last few decades. Most people don’t know if PHP is used in the backend or the frontend. Henceforth, Suggest you enrol for PHP Training in Chennai to get the indepth knowledge in PHP language.

So, this blog will help you figure out if PHP is backend or frontend. 

What Is Frontend Development? 

Frontend development, which is also called “client-side” development, focuses on making the user’s experience better by creating an attractive user interface (UI) with text, buttons, images, and menus for moving around. 

Let’s say you want to run a restaurant. 

You need a website to tell people about your restaurant and show them where it is. You also need pictures of the delicious food your restaurant serves to get people to come. All you need are frontend technologies to make a website that looks good. 

Role Of PHP In Frontend 

PHP can send HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the browser, but it works best for doing calculations on the server and accessing a database, not on the user’s computer. 

It’s just as bad to not use PHP to focus on the client-side as it is to only use it to make code for the client-side. PHP is used to both do calculations on the server and make content for the client. Learn HTML, CSS and javascript by joining the PHP Online Course at FITA Academy which gives comprehensive knowledge.

What is development on the back end? 

Backend development is the technical side of making a website or app. 

It is also known as server-side development, which is the part of a website that users can’t see. Backend development is mostly about storing and organising data and making sure everything on the client-side works well. 

The backend talks to the frontend and sends and receives information that will be shown on a web page. The search engine conveys a request to the server-side whenever a user fills out a form or makes a purchase. 

The user will then get the information they asked for in the form of a frontend code. This code can be read by and shown by the browser. 

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How PHP is used for back-end development 

Every website needs to keep a database of the people who use it. 

This database has the whole structure of the website. So, it’s easy to get data when you need it, organise it, change it, and save it. A server makes it work. 

PHP is a very important part of a website’s back-end development. 

It works with MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases, among others. Frameworks make it easier to build websites with programming languages like PHP. 

When a visitor looking for a product on the website, the backend is used to find all the relevant information about the product. Once it finds the right data, it sends it as frontend code. The browser then shows it as the list that the user asked for. 

Concluding on the role of PHP in front-end and back-end. Join PHP Training in Coimbatore to develop PHP and become a multi-faceted PHP developer. PHP salary for freshers is high when compared to other web developers.

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