Candidates preparing for the TNPSC exam shouldn’t feel skeptical about it. Self-preparation at home is the right choice when the candidate is focused on his or her career. One has to read on the Dos and Don’ts before doing the self-study at home. One has to be mindful of the TNPSC exam where it needs a disciplined plan to accomplish it. At first, the self-study and the candidate’s first attempt at the exam seem to be intimidating. The best TNPSC academy in Chennai is also a good solution for any aspirants to achieve their goals. 

Let’s see the foolproof strategy for the exams. 

  • Understand the TNPSC exam syllabus
  • Gather all resources and necessary information
  • Start preparation with complete dedication
  • Schedule for revision sessions
  • Practice mock and quizzes
  • Solve previous year question paper
  • Collect standard books eg. NCERT  
  • Read, Revise, Recollect


Before the commencement of the exam, one must plan ahead of 6 months for self-preparation. Each paper consists of more than ten subjects in the TNPSC, so one or two months are not sufficient to prepare. Preplanning is necessary so that one will be able to figure out what to learn, how to research, etc. Without proper planning, it is hard to crack the exam. The candidate might also take up the RRB exam in the future. The  RRB coaching center in Chennai offers the best coaching with professional trainers. 

Practice exam papers:

Analyze the TNPSC exam trends and practice the previous year’s question papers which is the proper guide to be successful. Prepare a study plan with standard NCERT textbooks. Having an overall idea of the TNPSC exam papers would be an added benefit to the candidate. 

Make a study routine:

Make a timetable and try to stick to the plan. Choose the subjects to study and the duration wisely. Choose standard topics because a good start will have a successful end. Starting the preparation with a familiar subject helps in gaining good knowledge. 

Choose correctly between easy and tough topics in the exams. Preparation of the exam based on self-study gives control over the study schedules, consistency, and time. One needs to plan and consolidate the schedule for studying at home. Even the TNPSC coaching center in Chennai will help us to achieve the desired result. 

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